At the place of the current Hotel Ducan was formerly the farmhouse of David Meisser .
This " verpfründete " it to his son Hans Wehrli - Meisser from Glaris .

Hans Wehrli -Meisser ( * January 31, 1842 / † February 27, 1893 ) used to be a teacher around 1870 in Monstein . He used to live on the Furra in the house of Hans- Accola Dönier above the road.

Because the Heimwesen for two families being offered too little income , Hans Wehrli decided together with his son Simon to demolish the house and build a restaurant.

1890 began father and son with the preparatory work for the construction. The chalk they burned themselves in the chalk kiln at Gasseli . 1893 the framing was finally completed .

The house, which was called as “Kurhaus Monstein” , was opend in 1896 . During the six -year construction period Hans Wehrli the father and his wife passed away so their son Simon ( * 1872 / t 1931) incorporated with an older widow, but during the first winter he suffered a leg fracture and decided to sell the Kurhaus to Christian Gadmer - Fopp , Frauenkirch and to Colonel Johann Peter Stiffler , Davos Platz .

Since 1897 these two men had been operating the house .

1920 Christian Gadmer – meanwhile exclusive owner -sold the Kurhaus to teacher Christian Buol Calonder who was operating it for about 40 years and then demised for 20 years.

Christian Buol had acquired the Kurhaus to have an income during the summer holiday as well. Even Christian Buol made for his Kurhaus good advertisement : The picturesque Alpine village Monstein lying on a sheltered , sunny plateau , looking far out into the country and is surrounded by pinewood forest .

1980 bought the long-standing tenant Lüzza and Irene Zisler the property and successfully operated until the spring of 2007.

2007 the hotel was taken over by a local community of investors and renovated without losing it’s natural charm, all of the rooms had been redesigned and behind the house the old " Spicher " had been reinstalled as a sauna “Saunahüüsi” with a private Alpbrunne to cool off . The kitchen was also modernized.

In the person of Benjamin Schibli in the spring of 2012 , a new CEO could be found who strives with his whole family a long term hosting in the Hotel Ducan.