The corporation BierVision Monstein is operating since 2001 on the place of the former village dairy. Not only the more than 100-year-old factory building but also 1,100 shareholders from all around the world create a strongly knit traditional company. The success of the operation is based on the beer specialities, brewed from crystal clear Monstein water, Swiss hops and from local malt. Since 2004 there are in addition not only delicious beers but even beer fires and whiskey, and single malts. The BierVision Monstein sells around 2,500 hectoliters of their destillate a year.

As the highest brewery in Switzerland, the company is the first brewery with open doors for the visitors in the canton of Graubünden. Beer lovers get during a brewery tour interesting and humorous information about the beer production. Of course degustations are also included and the physical well-being is also provided. Not beer drinkers ?come with soft Monsteiner "Sunni-bubble" at their expense. There are also brewing seminars or combined offers with tours, tasting and degustation in the brewery. Reservations are accepted from ten participants .

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